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About us

Curious Imagination is a platform for local non-professional dancers in Edinburgh. This enables them to extend their talents beyond their adult classes to create and appear in new performance pieces in front of an audience. There are currently fifteen dancers in the group and growing.The group is managed by Chairman Stuart Smith-Gordon and Treasurer Steven Smith-Gordon.

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Current Production


TT A5 Flyer FrontCurious Imagination are delighted to present our brand new original production, Tick Tock and the Clock that Stopped. Devised by Steve Smith-Gordon & Stuart Smith-Gordon with original music by Steve Smith-Gordon. A show not to be missed!

Tickets are now available from cast members and Eventbrite


Hurry before time runs out!

Once upon a time there were two exceptional clocks. Both were incredibly gifted and all other clocks looked up to them. All they wanted to do was to help everyone.

Grand Father was kind and helpful, and clocks travelled far and wide for his assistance.

Mother Time, on the other hand, was obsessed with precision and no clock could ever live up to her high expectations.

Over time, whenever a clock needed mended, they only ever wanted Grand Father’s help because not only was he was kind hearted, but everyone felt intimidated by Mother Time’s need for perfection.

GrandFather set up a small clock repair shop and enlisted the help of a young apprentice, Tick Tock.

Mother Time became bitter and isolated and chose to leave town, never to be seen again …

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Previous Productions


Howl’s Moving Castle – 2012


The Twits – 2013



Folktales & Faerietales – 2015


The Ugly Duckling | The Dream Catcher 2016


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Tick Tock & the Clock that Stopped

Curious Imagination are delighted to present our brand new original production, Tick Tock and the Clock that Stopped. Devised by Steve Smith-Gordon & Stuart Smith-Gordon with original music by Steve. The show takes you on a magical journey faced with challenges and discovery of confidence and belonging. Tickets are available from cast members and online from 1st September 2018. Hurry … Continue reading Tick Tock & the Clock that Stopped

Duck Tales

When we started rehearsals back in September, each of our dancers received a little rubber duck, to name and look after. Over the past 6 months and on the lead up to the show follow their travels and adventures as they make their way to the venue on 20th and 21st October!