About us

Curious Imagination is a platform for local non-professional dancers in Edinburgh. This enables them to extend their talents beyond their adult classes to create and appear in new performance pieces in front of an audience. There are currently fifteen dancers in the group and growing.The group is managed by Chairman Stuart Smith-Gordon and Treasurer Steven Smith-Gordon.

Our first performance was in 2012 based on the book Howl’s Moving Castle, performed with Edinburgh Ballet Circle at St. Bride’s Centre, Edinburgh.


Our second production was in 2013 which Howl’s Moving Castle was further developed and performed alongside a brand new work based on Roald Dahl’s The Twits at the Music Box, Edinburgh.


Our third production was in 2015, Faerietales and Folktales, an original dance performance that explored Scottish life, legend and lore. Using dance, storytelling and set to an original score, it took the audience on a journey through the four seasons. It captured the essence of what makes Scotland Scottish, it’s people and their stories.


Our fourth production was in 2016, The Ugly Duckling which premiered on 20th & 21st October 2016. The production also featured a new original work The Dream Catcher written and composed by Steven Tom Smith.


We are currently writing our fifth production and due to start workshops in November 2017. Details will be revealed on the 1st November. Our performance dates will be Thursday 1st November & Friday 2nd November 2018 at the Music Box, Edinburgh


We want to create:

* A community of enthusiastic local non-professional dancers with different abilities.

* A fun, enjoyable and encouraging environment to tell stories.

* To create imaginative and creative work of a high standard and quality.

* To make it accessible for all. Audience and dancers alike.


How we will achieve this:

* We will encourage others to join through word of mouth and raising local awareness.

* We use everyone’s strengths and tailor each production accordingly to ensure the cast get the best out of it and we get the best out of them.

* This is achieved by creating an environment that is fun and encouraging, we keep it light, but also challenging, using fun warm-ups and workshops to develop skills further.


The Future:

* Expand on what we have set up and offer our productions to a wider audience.

* Invest more in our costumes and sets.

* To raise our profile within the dance and local community.

* To create original work including story, score and dance.